Katherine works as an executive coach with people who want to develop their confidence and grow their potential in the workplace. Her coaching practice is underpinned by her Masters in Coaching and Mentoring Practice (Distinction, 2013) and by her core belief in her clients’ innate resourcefulness and resilience. Trained in a range of methods, Katherine uses a person-centred model, creating a bespoke service for each client. A typical coaching assignment will address personal and professional development, confidence and self-acceptance, positive relations with others and planning and purpose. Katherine also supports clients at times of transition, helping them explore their values and strengths and enabling them to feel confident to explore new roles.

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As a coach, Katherine has a natural affinity with people and is able to put them at their ease very quickly. She is insightful and enabled me to be clearer about what I want to do, helping me explore options and decide for myself what would be best for me. Her coaching was an opportunity to stop and examine how I can achieve balance between work and home, while meeting work objectives, as well as a chance to reflect on my future aspirations, how these might look and the impact they may have. 

Head of HR, Public Authority

I benefited from Katherine’s skills as a coach when making the transition to self-employment. Our sessions were an opportunity for me to gather my thoughts, reflect on my goals, develop a strategy and grow the confidence to go for it. Katherine really listened to me and helped me find my own solutions. She provided the space, support, empathy and challenge that I needed to make clear decisions during a stressful time.

PR and Communications Specialist

Katherine coached me for about a year. Working as a barrister I had found it difficult to reconcile the balance between my professional and my personal life. Through coaching, my life balance has changed in an incredibly positive way. With Katherine’s assistance I was able to implement a strategy to achieve an altogether happier and more positively structured way of living. Katherine’s method is entirely unassuming and the progress I was able to make never felt taught or pressured, but became a logical progression along a journey. I would recommend this to anyone truly interested in achieving a better understanding of and ability to improve and balance their ‘life’. For me, it has literally been life changing.

Rory Keene, Barrister